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your holiday now!

Open all year

Holiday with your dogs and cats

Dog Friendly Campsite in Sicily

Four-legged friends are welcome to the campsite, but respecting some basic common and hygiene rules:

- keep dogs under control and on a leash, without leaving them free to not scare other animals or children;
- take dogs out of the campsite for their business and always clean up after them;
- never leave pets alone;
- do not allow pets on beds, chairs, tables, etc.; an additional fee will be required for the cleaning of the accommodation (free in the campsite);
- always inform the staff of the presence of a pets.

Veterinarians trusted by other campers, who were satisfied with them:
Dr. Salvo Rubino - Tel. +39 095 377829
Via Aldebaran 3, 95127 Catania;
Dr. Vittoria Santoro - Tel. +39 095 494109
Via XX Settembre 79, 95027 San Gregorio di Catania CT.